Pahuyuth  All About

PAHUYUTH Sports Field is a widely used martial arts sport and is recognized as a multi-faceted martial art. Dynamics and fusion of martial arts and defense skills in Pahuyut promote continuous improvement of athletes’ mental and physical abilities. It dates back more than a thousand years and is the source of its emergence in the martial arts of Southeast Asia.

in recent years, in order to standardize and strengthen Pahuyuth techniques, fundamental changes have been made. as a result, the new training methods have been caused by categorizing technical issues and adopting competition rules.  hence the Pahuyuth Association of Iran has been developing educational methods and standardizing the rules of the competition since 2006, with the research and advice of international masters. . as well as to order complete its techniques, has added some techniques of the traditional wrestling (ancient heritage)which its history related to more than seven thousand years ago in old Persia, that All of the above enabled Pahuyuth to become an internationally competitive sport..:

The new standard training methods will improve athletes’ abilities in the field of physical strength, agility, and skills that make them ready for any circumstances to compete. this training method & proficiency not only would improve their daily life health but also will promote and expand it globally, so the motto”  Pahuyuth sport for everyone” is the main WPF policy. Pahuyuth is formed by the combination and standardization of the traditional combative techniques under WPF supervision to apply it in today’s modern world.

Pahuyuth may be practiced as a competitive sport by attending males and females categories. the competitions shall be organized in separate categories of males and females.  Pahuyuth championship will make an opportunity for athletes for measuring him/her self abilities levels. the official competition of the WPF is the following:

1-amateur combat by international standard rules. 2-Performance of technique Forms and Classic Fight.