Pahuyuth  All About

PAHUYUTH Sports Field is a widely used martial arts sport and is recognized as a multi-faceted martial art. Dynamics and fusion of martial arts and defense skills in Pahuyut promote continuous improvement of athletes’ mental and physical abilities.It dates back more than a thousand years and is the source of its emergence in the martial arts of Southeast Asia.

This historical’s antiquity and style of Pahuyut shows the inextricable links of many martial arts with Pahuyuth, and it is not without reason that we consider Pahuyuth to be the root of many martial arts and also include the following aspects.:

1. Hand to Hand combats 2. Ling Lom 3. Weapon’s Arts  4. Self Defense 5.  technical’s forms are named.

In addition to the promotion of Pahuyuth during the last century, substantial changes have been made in recent years to standardize and enhanced Pahuyut techniques. and considering the requirements of the sporting disciplines on a global level, It has been created by incorporating new methods of training and striving to classify technical issues and to adopt the rules and regulations of the Integration and Innovation Competition. therefore, since 2007, the Pahuyuth Association of Iran has been developing training methods and standardizing competition rules and regulations by researching and consulting with international this end, by studying various martial arts and complementing Pahuyuth techniques, he developed some of the martial arts techniques, in particular the traditional wrestling sport (ancient heritage), dating back more than seven thousand years to ancient Iran. that all of the above have made Pahuyuth a vibrant, engaging and engaging international sport.

 New standard training methods improve athletes’ performance and abilities in terms of physical strength, agility, and skills that prepare them for any competitive situation. this method of education and skill for all age and gender groups not only improves their daily health but also promotes and promotes this global style of struggle, and in this regard, the slogan “Pahuyuth sport for all”, is one of the goals and policies of the World Pahuyuth Federation. Pahuyuth has been designed and standardized by combining and standardizing traditional fighting techniques under the auspices of the World Federation to apply and apply it in today’s modern world in accordance with current requirements.