The Commissions are created for organizing and planning for specific purposes, The Commissions necessary for the WPF shall be formed on the proposal of the Board of Directors and approved by the Executive Board for specified purposes and services of experts will be used in each commission.


 The compositions of each commission shall be decided by the Executive Board, normally, the members of each commission will have a maximum of Seven (7) members, except for commissions that more members to be identified. each commission consists of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman and the Secretary and maximum Four (4) other members.


The following commissions are set up and its chairman must present activity plans biannually, Board of Directors may also create special temporary Commissions whenever it deems it necessary. The WPF will have the following Standing Commissions:

1-The Rules and Technical Commission

2- The Refereeing and Judging Commission

3-The Finance Commission

4-The Legal Commission

5- The Women Commission

6- The Athletes Commission

7- The Disciplinary Commission

8-The Sport for all Commission

9-The workers sport Commission

10- The Ethic Commission

11- The Medical Commission

12- The Marketing Commission