About Founder

Hamdollah Ebadati (known as Hamid Ebadati, born in Tehran the capital city of Iran) is the current Secretary-General of the World Pahuyuth Federation and President of the Iranian Pahuyuth Association. He founded the World Federation in collaboration with leading international professors. and because he needs practical follow-up and correspondence with affiliated communities around the world to expand the World Federation, he serves as Secretary-General of the Federation in order to expedite and influence actions.


Master Ebadati has completed his postgraduate studies in the city of Tehran and he holds a degree in Business Administration and International Law. He spent his working life and career alongside sports in management positions in the private sector, and the sport has also been an integral part of his life.

National Martial arts activities

His long involvement in martial arts began in 1976 with his acquaintance with boxing, but after a while in Kung Fu, karate and taekwondo continued. And in all three disciplines, he succeeded in obtaining the black belt, respectively, between 1979 and 1982. he opened his own martial arts club, at a young age in 1982. In addition, he used various professors to teach these disciplines. And gradually, with the addition of disciplines like Full Contact and Kickboxing, the club gained high fame and over the years, students and clubs under their leadership have achieved great national success.

International Martial arts Activities

Master Ebadati started his international career in 1997 with a Sports travel to Thailand. And after completing some Muay Thai courses, he tried to complete Eastern martial arts.

After obtaining the necessary licenses, he eventually founded the Muay Thai Association of Iran in 1999. And in 2000, he received the approval of the National Olympic Committee of Iran by providing international models. Muaythai of Iran regards previous experiences that Master Ebadati has grown quickly and he became an important pole in the Muaythai world Federation.

 Master Ebadati as head coach of the national Muaythai team achieved the world champion cup by gets 1st place of world championships in 2002 in Bangkok- Thailand. also as regional Muaythai president in 2006, he was one of the people about GAISF’s inquiry about IFMA, he provided a lot of support of the IFMA by introducing supervised countries and sending letters of the National Olympic Committee.

Master Ebadati’s most important accomplishments of Muaythai sport between 1999- 2016 are as follows:

1- Establishment  Muaythai Association of Iran by authorization sports organization of Iran – 1999

2-Author of Muay Thai specialized books: a– Principles and foundations b– Amateur and professional refereeing teaching c– From the origin to globalization of Muay Thai.

3-Appointment as president Muaythai Federation of west Asia, by IFMA in 2001.

4- Member of World Professional Muaythai Federation ( WPMF) Establishment Congress and as Rep in Iran 2002.

5-Achieved World Cup, by getting 1st place, IFMA world Muaythai championships in Bangkok 2002.

6-Appointment as a director on IFMA technical commission in 2002.

7-Achieve World cup, for the Technical team recognized by IFMA, in  Almaty-Kazakhstan 2003.

8-Member of WMF Establishment Congress as Rep of Iran 2004.

9-Achieve Championship cup of IFMA Asia Pacific in  Sydney- Australia 2004.

10-Awarded Master’s degree ( Arjarn-14  Khan) by IFMA  International Muaythai Federation in 2006.

11-Head of National team participate in IFMA World Championships in Malaysia 2014.

12-Head of National Muaythai team on Beach Games, Phuket-Thailand 2014.

13-Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between IFMA and Mr. Ebadati The president Muaythai Association of Iran in world congress of 2015.

14-President  of Muaythai Association and participant Iran Team in IFMA World Championship Sweden-2016.


1-The Pahuyuth Association of Iran first step to WPF establishment.

In the first step, Master Ebadati established the Pahuyuth Association of Iran in 2007.  And subsequently, Pahuyut’s sport spread rapidly throughout the country and after some time gained the approval of the Iranian National Olympic Committee.



He was thinking of developing Pahuyuth at the international level. Considering the breadth of the Pahuyuthsport, the completion of the rules and the revision of the guidelines as well as the curricula for international training and regular training at various levels, of Mr. Ebadati’s actions are. And then Pahuyuth for development at the international level became an important goal.

Holding technical meetings with sports officials from various countries, as well as masters Muay Thai and Pahuyot and other related martial arts, including Grandmaster Amnat pooksrisook of Thailand and Grand Master Klaus Handke in Germany, taking steps to launch international operations..

Therefore, with numerous technical meetings and necessary coordination, the WPF was eventually established in the year 2010, And the professors mentioned above have also had a lot of help and guidance in Pahoyut’s technical affairs.