WPF’s History

The WPF was founded at the 1st General Meeting on October 25th, 2010, held at the National Pahuyuth Association of Iran in the city of Tehran. WPF is an independent non-governmental international organization, as well as and non-political, and non-profit making international organization. the WPF as a World Governing body for Pahuyuth sport manages and monitoring the Pahuyuth activities in the world.  and comprising of the National Pahuyuth Associations of countries, which are affiliated members And operate within the framework of the provisions of the Articles of the constitution, the rules, and regulations of the World Pahuyuth Federation. The activities of the World Pahuyuth Federation so far have been carried out as follows:

1- WPF 1st General Assembly 2010-Tehran-Iran.

2- WPF member of ICSSPE since 2011.

3- WPF 1st world championships 2012 , Kish island –Iran.

4-WPF 2nd General Assembly, October 19, 2012  Kish Island-Iran

5- WPF European Seminar 22-23 November 2012 Athens-Greece.

6- WPF Seminar and Workshop 2-5 November 2013 Taipei- Taiwan.

7-WPF 2nd World championships  24-28 Oct 2014 Istanbul-Turkey.

8- WPF 3nd World Championships 20-24 February 2015 Kish Island-Iran.

9- WPF 3rd General Assembly February 21, 2015 Kish Island-Iran.

10- WPF Asian open Championships 19-23 February 2016 Kish-Iran.

11- WPF European Championships 21-23 July 2017 Batumi- Georgia.

12- WPF 4th  World Championships 29 N0v- 4 Dec 2017 Minsk-Belarus.

13-WPF 5th World Championships 30 October-3 November 2019, Carrara- Italy

14- TAFISA World Congress 13-17 November 2019, Tokyo- Japan

WPF was founded with the efforts of the Master  Ebadati the WPF current Secretary-General, Master Ebadati with a long history of Martial arts, established the Pahuyuth Association of Iran in 2007, and subsequently, Pahuyut’s sport spread rapidly throughout the country and after some time gained the approval of the Iranian National Olympic Committee.

He was thinking of developing Pahuyuth at the international level. Considering the breadth of the Pahuyuth sport, the completion of the rules and the revision of the guidelines as well as the curricula for international training and regular training at various levels, of his actions, are. And then Pahuyuth for development at the international level became an important goal.

Subsequently, meetings were held with sports officials in various countries, as well as technical meetings with masters of Pahuyut and traditional Muay Thai, and other related martial arts, including the  Grand Master Amnat  Pookserisok of Thailand and Grand Master Claus Handke in Germany, taking steps to launch international activities.

Therefore, with numerous technical meetings and necessary coordination, the WPF was eventually established in the year 2010, And the professors mentioned above have also had a lot of help and guidance in Pahuyuth’s technical affairs.